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#ScentStars / # of
1A Hunk, A Hunk of Burning Nuts4    / 5
2Hawaiian Splash4    / 4
3Christmas Eve3.5 / 6
4Blackberry Walnut3.5 / 5
5Harvest3.5 / 4
6Orange Juice Cake3.5 / 4
7Vanilla Bean & Boysenberry3.5 / 4
8Chocolate Chip Cookie3    / 12
9Apple Cobbler3    / 11
10Blue Hawaiian3    / 11
11Breakfast in Vermont3    / 11
12Macintosh Apple3    / 10
13Lemon Gingersnap Pie3    / 9
14Apricot Freesia3    / 8
15Kettle Corn3    / 8
16Buttery Gingerbread3    / 7
17Let It Snow3    / 7
18Bubble Gum3    / 6
19Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam3    / 6
20Angelina3    / 5
21Blueberry Flapjacks3    / 5
22Breaking Dawn3    / 5
23Bunny Slope3    / 5
24Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte3    / 5
25Holiday Homebrew3    / 5

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Top 25 Tried ScentsView All Tried Scents
1Bathtime With Pooh233 tries
2Caramelized Pralines184 tries
3Bella Swan181 tries
4Tiffany-D171 tries
5Sexy In Stilettos150 tries
6Fruit Loops144 tries
7Best Friends136 tries
8Blueberry Cheesecake134 tries
9Cinnamon Donuts130 tries
10Pink Cupcake127 tries
11Granny's Pie Crust126 tries
12Elvis121 tries
13White Nectarine & Pink Coral121 tries
14Fizzy Pop118 tries
15Cinnabon116 tries
16Edward Cullen115 tries
17Sugared Spruce111 tries
18Marshmallow Campfire110 tries
19Peanut Butter Cookies110 tries
20Peace109 tries
21Pink Sugar109 tries
22Bear Claws105 tries
23Peppermint Bark104 tries
24Tokyo Spring103 tries
25Lemon Pound Cake102 tries

Top 25 Most Discussed ScentsView All Discussed Scents
1Bathtime With Pooh36 comments
2Bella Swan16 comments
3Sexy In Stilettos16 comments
4Tiffany-D15 comments
5Cajun Cornbread14 comments
6Apricot Crumb Cake13 comments
7Best Friends13 comments
8Cinnamon Donuts13 comments
9Fizzy Pop13 comments
10Fruit Loops13 comments
11Peace12 comments
12Vanilla Bean Noel12 comments
13Apple Cinnamon Butter11 comments
14Blueberry Cobbler11 comments
15Pink Cupcake11 comments
16Amish Quilt10 comments
17Caramelized Pralines10 comments
18Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread10 comments
19Apples and Oaks9 comments
20Blushing Peaches9 comments
21Breakfast in Vermont9 comments
22Cherry Fizzy Pop9 comments
23Heavy Metal9 comments
24Pink Sugar9 comments
25Aquolina Blue Sugar8 comments

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