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Bubbling Butterscotch Sundae
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Creamy, rich, just plain yummy!! This smells exactly like the hot butterscotch you put on top of your sundaes. This is a must have scent for those ice cream lovers!!
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Comments for Bubbling Butterscotch Sundae

2/21/12 2:01am
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I had this in a SS. I used the whole SS at once because the throw was light. It smells nice, but I like stronger scents.
11/17/11 7:29pm
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I just got a buttery sweet note from this, not sure if i smelled it without the name would i be able to say that it was butterscotch. its pretty nice though
11/4/11 4:41pm
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This one to me doesn't smell terribly butterscotchy. Just buttery, with some vanilla notes in it. It's a great mixer scent!