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Breakfast in Vermont
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: White chocolate truffle fragrance begins with top notes of caramel and sugar; well-rounded with middle notes of buttercream, maple, and molasses. Dry base notes include vanilla, white chocolate and white flour.
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5/26/13 1:33am
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To me this one smells like really good bread smothered in melted chocolate. Yummy!
1/8/12 10:42am
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After letting this one cure for an extra week, now I'm smelling all the wonderful things everyone has been saying. I guess cure time is super important with this one otherwise you get something that does not smell good at all.
12/31/11 11:48am
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I wanted to like this one so much. I've heard so many good things. But when I walked in the door after this had been melting for a while, all I can smell is chocolate beer.
12/16/11 11:06pm
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I really love this fragrance but there is a note in there that I can't pinpoint that stops me from ordering it in candle form! I think it's the maple, but I am not a maple girl so if you like maple then you'll love this! All the other notes are AMAZING!
11/17/11 7:26pm
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definatly get the white chocolate and the maple. it almost has a pancake-y scent (maybe the flour note) but it is very comforting and one i love to burn in the colder months.
11/1/11 5:27pm
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This scent is so comforting to me. I don't know what it is about it. It's chocolate and maple but also has that flour note. It just smells like baking wonderful sweet things.
11/1/11 9:56am
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I love BIV! It reminds me of breakfast with your family. creamy, almost chocolatty.
10/2/11 8:23pm
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A very complex and rich scent. Yummy chocolate with sugary maple notes. Reminds me a bit of my favorite pancakes.. chocolate chip pancakes!
9/28/11 8:10am
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Chocolate pancakes with maple syrup is what this makes me think of. A bit waffle cone -ish, similar to Hello Dolly but not exactly.