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Hell On Heels
Category: House Blends
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Description: A naughty blend of sweet sensuality and sinful fruits star in this Oh So Sexy fragrance. Luscious peach nectar, red delicious apple and ripe blood orange lead you to the sensual floral heart. Delicate muguet and pretty pink peonies are teased by a tempting black plum, and tickled with notes of musky vanilla.
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Comments for Hell On Heels

5/29/14 12:28am
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Beautiful blend. The blood orange is a perfect touch, really extenuates everything else. I was very surprised and pleased by this scent.

Almost has a bubbly hint to it.....
9/2/12 6:21pm
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Musky sweet and you smell fruit but cant pick out what kind of fruit is in this one did not smell peach,apple,orange or plum.maybe i did but they mixed so well together that i cant smell the fruit listed.This one was just ok...Love Potion no. 9 and Pink Sugar is way better.
8/8/12 1:44pm
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So nice smelling..the longer it cures, the stronger the throw. I lit a 16oz....after curing about two weeks..and I could smell it outside the bedroom door..I lit it in the bedroom and our bedroom is pretty big. This is a keeper for me! =)
8/3/12 5:08pm
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I liked this on cold sniff, nice fruity floral, but it's a very light thrower and I could only smell it near the warmer.
5/16/12 8:46am
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I like this, I love the balance of fruit and vanilla. This smells fantastic.