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Pink Sands Type
Category: Tropical Fragrances
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Description: A reviving blend of citrus splashes, sweet floral petals, and coconut cream intermingle for a sweet sunshine delight!
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5/23/13 11:08pm
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Yup, a wonderful dupe for the Yankee scent and I'd say pretty accurate! I love this scent, It's perfect for spring! It's sweet, almost makes me think of pink starbursts! It's sorta hard to explain. Has a medium throw, not super strong, but it gets around.
6/27/12 1:18am
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It's the exact dupe for yankee it's just stronger then yankee's pink sands.Its a sweet floral and it is really creamy.(Strong throw)
5/27/12 10:01pm
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I get fruit and a watery note. Not very strong. It's alright, but not my favorite. I think I agree with dyauch as well.
5/1/12 2:17pm
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I don't think that this one smells exact dupe for what it's supposed to!!
4/18/12 6:59am
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I get mostly floral and coconut from this at the moment so I am going to let this cure a bit. It does smell nice.