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Rice Crispy Treats
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: This fragrance will make your mouth water! Smells just like the popular recipe, with notes of vanilla, marshmallow, caramel, and butter. We just adore this scent!
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Comments for Rice Crispy Treats

3/16/13 11:51am
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On cold throw it smells like a cheap vanilla candle. It may need more cure time and may smell differently once melted. But right now, I'm disappointed. :(
7/3/12 4:13pm
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This is a god one to mix, but on it's on it's a little bland.
2/16/12 11:08pm
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On cold throw, smells exactly like play-dough, but once it warms and has a decent melt pool, all the light sweetness, creaminess and bit o' butter comes out. A very light scent in comparison to her other scents. I'm going to get a giant candle of this. I want to live in here. Perhaps a great mixer, I have yet to try.
1/21/12 8:47pm
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I really liked this one but i just wish it was stronger. I will definitely order again but may get it in a ss so that it's stronger than my mini candle. Would be a great mixer.
1/17/12 7:30pm
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This one smells JUST like Rice Crispy Treats. You smell the marshmallow and the cereal. So so so SO good. This is one of my favorites.
12/23/11 1:22am
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LEGIT Rice crispy treats! Seriously,once melting this scent smells like real crispy treats,so yummy.I can almost take a bite out of the air,it's so realistic,I can even get the grain of the cereal part.The marshmallow is light,fluffy,with that sweet powder that is usually on marshmallows.So good,if you like RCT's you will LOVE this!