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Blue Raspberries
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Fresh Blueberries and Raspberries!
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8/30/12 4:27pm
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Smells like blue raspberry candy.I wouldn't reorder this one but my mom loved it and wants to get it in sss.This did have a strong throw tho.
3/17/12 5:46am
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Smells like Blue raspberry candy
1/13/12 10:39am
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There is just a faint "green" hint to this one, but I feel like the candy-like berry scent overpowers it pretty quickly. It reminds me of any kind of blue raspberry candy that I've had in the past. Realistic to that kind of scent, but just not for my nose.
11/17/11 3:47pm
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Was looking for something that smelled like blue raspberry slushies but this is actually more of a realistic berry scent not artificial enough for me lol
11/6/11 8:08pm
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Kinda smells like sour blue raspberry candies.Not really up my alley.