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Sugared Corn Pudding
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Notes of fresh corn, butter, creamy milk and sugar. Yummy!
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Comments for Sugared Corn Pudding

1/18/13 10:34pm
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Creamy, buttery, sweet dessert goodness. I can almost smell the sugar browning on top. Totally has me craving something sweet to eat.
8/25/12 1:59pm
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Tried a 1/4 scent shot, great throw, amazing warm, buttery cornbread scent. 5 stars
7/27/12 1:54pm
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OH MY!!! This to me smells like home made hot sugar cookies baking in the oven.It's soooooooo good everyone needs to try this one i cant see anyone not liking this scent.My hubby even likes this one.5 stars great throw too.
5/22/12 11:39am
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I wouldn't have expected myself to like this scent based on the description, but after hearing great reviews I had to try it, and it is so good! Some say it smells like cookies, some say cornbread.. I honestly think its somewhere in between. Reallly good though!
3/29/12 6:44am
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A Buttery Sweet Cornbread Scent. I love this.
3/4/12 9:29pm
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This one is so good! To me, it smells like sweet, buttery cornbread. A lot of people say this one smells like cookies, which I can get, but to me this one is the most authentic cornbread scent I've smelled!