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Witches Brew
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: The aroma of spiced apple cider complimented by juicy notes of orange, pineapple, peach and cranberry. This fragrance is well rounded with hints of cinnamon and bases notes of creamy vanilla.
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10/5/12 8:53pm
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Totally agree with kaylareeser...great blend.....but...I don't smell any pine at all..just a great smelling candle that I will be burning year around!
8/23/12 9:21pm
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Great Blend. My nose picks up a lot of pine, I don't think it was listed in scent description, but thats what I smell. I believe someone said its like the "fall craft store isle" I think that is a good call. A better version of that though
6/26/12 11:43pm
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This one was so strong on cold throw but when i melted this i didn't smell any thing at all the only time i was able to smell it was when i went up to my has been sitting for 3 weeks now maybe it needs more time to cure.
2/27/12 7:43pm
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I haven't burned it yet. But on cold throw it smells like walking into a craft store. I love that smell! Can't wait to burn it!
11/4/11 9:52am
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I have Witches Brew in a mini jar candle burning in my office and all of my co-workers love it.