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Bite Me
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Dracula would fall in love with this fragrance. Fresh notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead into a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for this wonderful fragrance.
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2/21/13 1:01pm
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This is one of my top favorites. I originally bought it as a gift for my mother in law but fell in love with it myself. It is heavy on the cherry and citrus scent with a fizzy note.
6/27/12 3:06am
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This was my free scent shot it's very juicy smelling...Smells like fruit punch to me.Didn't get a green note in this at all.
6/3/12 10:20am
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I put a half in this morning of this to burn a long with my Yankee Candle of Tutti Frutti they mesh well together both are fruit punch scents perfect for summer!
3/29/12 3:37am
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It smells amazing!!! It's fruity, sweet, juicy and fizzy... One of my favorites top 5 for sure 5 stars... ALWAYS have it on hand...
3/2/12 9:00am
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This is a great sweet & tart fruity scent its very similar to berry me alive but more tangy
1/15/12 9:33pm
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Tangy fresh cherry with lime. Almost like a cherry limeaid, but with no carbonation.
11/1/11 3:48pm
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This one smells a lot like Cherry Fizzy Pop to me. Perhaps a little less fizzy, and with other fruits in there. It's super sweet and delicious :) The cherry isn't a cough syrup type cherry.