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Mimi's Creamy Vanilla Pecan Crunch
Category: Special Candles
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Description: A mouthwatering dessert that you can enjoy guilt free. We start off with whipped creamy vanilla wax, then mix in crumbs of butter rum and pecan syrup, we then top the whole thing off with more crumbs and drizzle it all with creamy vanilla and an Oreo cookie. This candle is double wicked and comes in this beautiful pedestal container that you can use for your own "real" treat after the candle is gone. Holds a whooping 2 pounds of wax!!

Mimi's Creamy Vanilla Pecan Crunch
Image Copyright: Candles by Victoria
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Comments for Mimi's Creamy Vanilla Pecan Crunch

1/23/12 9:09pm
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Don't love this scent, but if you like caramelized pralines or any super sweet scents like that then you'll love this one!
11/17/11 11:48am
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This candle smells incredible and is so much prettier than the picture.
I highly recommend this candle to all dessert/bakery lovers !

here's a link to some of my pictures of the candle posted on the message board: