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S'more Galore
Category: Special Candles
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Description: My favorite thing to do when we go camping is to make S'mores, so I thought, what the heck let's make a S'more candle!! This 18 oz. candle starts with a layer of rich chocolate, followed by a middle layer of crumbed Graham Cracker Crust scented wax, with chunky pieces of chocolate, next comes a layer of our amazing Marshmellow Campfire scent that is hand whipped and finally, the whole thing is topped off with more Graham Cracker Crust crumbs and more pieces of chocolate. This is one YUMMY candle!! Double wicked for a perfect burn everytime!

S'more Galore
Image Copyright: Candles by Victoria
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3/1/12 6:10pm
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I'm not sure if I just didn't let it cure long enough, but for such a large candle I expected a much larger scent throw. I seem to have better luck with the scent shots so I just ordered Get Me S'more to compare. Hopefully it's what I'm looking for. S'more Galore was very decorative, though.
2/7/12 4:29pm
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Love this candle! It burned perfectly and I love the scents. I just wish they were a little bit more mixed, because I'm still on the marshmallow part so I haven't had a chance to smell the graham cracker or chocolate much yet. Otherwise, I definitely recommend it!