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CBV Surprise Candle
Category: Special Candles
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Description: As you know we hand pour every candle here at CBV. As we are pouring we sometimes have scented wax left over from each batch that we pour, instead of wasting this wax we pour them up in 8 oz. no frills jelly jars and sell them here in the store. Our customers LOVE them, we can't keep enough on the shelves! Each 8 oz. candle can have as little as two or up to as many as 5 layers of a different scent. We do not mark them so they are a surprise to you as you burn them but with each layer you get to experience a different fragrance. They are so much fun and we wanted to share these with our online customers as well!

CBV Surprise Candle
Image Copyright: Candles by Victoria
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3/2/12 9:13am
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This is the best little candle i just adore them Victoria is a genus for thinking of this one...but there is a downside but it is only very small downside, if you love a scent its hard to figure out what scent it is
11/17/11 7:46pm
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These are so fun to get and they look so cute. its can be a pain in the &** sometimes though if yours has a scent you love and you cant figure it out :)