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Berry Blackberry Cobbler
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Rich sweet blackberries resting against a buttery crusty base note... heaven!
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7/4/13 10:29pm
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Even among the scents that I absolutely adore & consider favorites, I usually wouldn't say they smell 'exactly' like their namesake. But this one truly does. I don't get the 'buttery crust' note that others have mentioned; I get an extremely realistic, slightly sugary, 'floury crust' scent. And, the berry part smells like warm, berry pie filling that's bubbled out of the crust in the oven. Truly, this one brings back childhood memories of summertime & picking berries to freeze. 5 stars!
5/26/13 1:27am
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One of my favorites! You smell the berries and the crust and it's so good!
9/8/12 5:12pm
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Tart and sweet blackberries with a touch of a crusty note.strong thrower
12/18/11 12:54am
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Ah, my first love of Victoria's cobbler scents! Most all of her fruity bakery scents are wonderful, in my opinion, but her berry scents have to top my list as my favorite fruity note. It's like tucking into a bowl of it's namesake.
12/9/11 8:22am
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One of my favorites scents. It's such a very satisfying smell. It's not too sweet but just perfectly so as well as a very nice crust smell. Matches the description to a T!
11/5/11 11:00am
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I really enjoy this scent. To me this is very similary to the Apricot Crumb Cake but instead this one has your fresh Blackberry scent in it. You still get that rich buttery crusty cobbler which is oh so yummy!