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White Chocolate Karibu
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Mouth-watering blend of roasted cashews, mixed gently with rich, buttery honey, then drenched with white chocolate ganache! ~Godiva type scent~
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8/30/12 4:11pm
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I didn't get much out of this one when i melted it. very light scent i loved the cold throw but too light for me.
4/29/12 10:41pm
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Excited to try this one warm! I get some similar notes to sugared corn pudding but minus the cinnamon note in it that I just can't do. Glad I found this one!
2/6/12 6:10pm
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I liked this scent overall. I got the white chocolate, honey, and a popcorn note which I think is supposed to be the cashews. I would definitelty say give it a try and warm it if you don't like the cold throw. I think you could mix this with something and that would smell really good, maybe a regular chocolate scent of some kind.
10/2/11 10:54pm
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This smells exactly like buttered popcorn on cold throw. But when it's warmed, it's absolutely heavenly! The salty butter note disappears, and I get more honey and something like a shortbread. If you don't like this one on cold throw, be brave and give it a try. I'm glad I did :)