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What Goes Around Comes Around
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: The easiest way to describe this scent is that it's a powdery blend of Dragon's Blood and Patchouli. Very nice!! Even the professed patchouli haters love this one!
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11/17/13 6:04pm
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Descriptions pretty spot on! I did not like the scent when it was cold and took forever to even bother melting it but when I did I was so mad that I hadn't done it sooner. I love incense and this was a nice way to get the yummy smell w/out all the smoke!
2/10/12 9:59pm
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This is a great scent, but after working for... a certain company for some time, I'm over it. I buy it for my mom a lot though because she adores it. :)
12/16/11 11:26pm
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Great L*SH dupe! My favorite of all the Candleman's Closets! SO good! If only I could get my husband to appreciate the musky scents...he's a bakery guy! We're so backwards!