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Tahitian Vanilla
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: A true exotic vanilla, rich with notes of roasted vanilla bean and yellow cake notes.
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Comments for Tahitian Vanilla

3/22/13 10:37pm
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A nice vanilla with coconut under tones. Nice summer scent. :)
10/4/12 10:38am
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A plain vanilla scent with coconut and undertones of floral. strong throw. There's nothing particularly offensive about this scent (unless you don't care for coconut)
6/14/12 3:22pm
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Very strong throw. I purchased in 4oz and put it in my could smell it in our bedroom...VERY strong thrower with a very pretty dainty floral and vanilla smell.
6/5/12 10:32pm
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Smells like coconut and vanilla to me. Good throw as a ss.
1/23/12 10:32pm
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Typical baking vanilla scent. A great mixer to tone down strong scents!
11/1/11 7:18pm
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Pretty basic vanilla and coconut scent, but very nice.
11/1/11 1:02pm
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I don't smell any of the cake notes in this, or coconut like some other people do. All I get from this is a very pretty and plain vanilla. I love this! One of my favorites.