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Black Cherry
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Strong and fragrant, true to it's name. Reminiscent of days gone by.
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6/16/12 2:55am
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WOW..Awesome throw. Somes EXACTLY like fresh Black Cherry. The throw truly is amazing! Our house is almost 2000 sq feet and one candle smelled our entire house! Nothing better then a candle with GREAT throw. Will be buying the largest jar possible. This is a must have. I would also like to comment that I rate based on throw and the burning pool. I don't rate based on my preference because I want people to know my opinions..not whether I like the candle or not...just an FYI =)

5/16/12 1:43am
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A candy black cherry scent. A bit medicinal.
3/29/12 4:44am
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A delicious Candy Black cherry scent. Not medicinal to me at all. 5 stars a must reorder
11/6/11 9:55pm
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Smell's like those cherry gummies, very strong,almost bordering on medicine cherry scent.