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Sweet Angel Dust
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: Cherubs flying above the morning blooms sprinkling sweet sugar dust as they rest on a petal. This fragrance is the essence of sticky, sweet, mouth-watering sugar with a hint of sweet vanilla at the base. Delish!
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10/11/12 4:49pm
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This scent is so pretty! This is one of my top favorite scents. I love how strong it is. It's such a pretty and sweet scent.
10/6/12 2:55pm
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Just like the L*** scent, however its not my favorite.
6/18/12 4:32pm
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Super strong. The smell is so strong, I could smell it in less then a minute of lighting....WOW..not sure what it is suppose to be a dupe of, but it is strong...almost like raspberries..or something.....not sure..LOL.
2/3/12 9:03pm
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Oh my gosh this is my top scent for CBV it is so perfect...i love really sweet girly scents and this is exactly that sweet and girly wonderful...ive never smelled the real thing, and i think you cant get any better than this scent...LOVE IT !!!!!!
1/27/12 6:20am
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I give it 4 stars because it's not dead on but I can smell hints of the fragrance in an all new fragrance I really liked.