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Sugar Cane & Bamboo
Category: Fresh/Clean Fragrances
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Description: The sweetness of sugar cane with an earthly undertone of Bamboo, this fragrance is so beautiful and so unique.
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Comments for Sugar Cane & Bamboo

4/29/12 10:54pm
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A really nice, clean scent. Great for after cleaning the house!! Fresh and sweet.
2/28/12 10:34pm
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Clean and sweet. I really like this one.
1/20/12 7:18pm
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This is an interesting scent, I'm not sure I've ever smelled anything like it before. It's SUPER clean smelling. I think the only place I would burn it is in the bathroom. On the plus side it does a strong throw. The sugar cane is close to being too sweet for me, but the greeny bamboo scent mellows it out just enough. I will finish the scent shot, but wouldn't reorder. Two stars.
9/27/11 11:31pm
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This smells like straight up orange cough syrup to me. Even worse than cherry! I just can't do it :(