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Stress Relief
Category: Fresh/Clean Fragrances
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Description: A combination of Chai Tea, Peppermint and Lavender.
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4/26/12 9:34pm
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A lovely herbal scent that's heavy on the mint. I bought this in the mini candle and I haven't made up my mind if I love it or not. It has a great throw-- I blew out my little candle and went out for two hours and when I came back it was still the first thing I could smell coming in the door. I wish I could smell more lavender, but that is my personal preference.
3/20/12 9:35pm
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I like this! I didn't get any chai tea from it which was a bit upsetting because I LOVE chai tea. The peppermint and lavender blend beautifully. It is nice to melt in the bedroom.
11/11/11 6:54pm
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I like this scent. It's very very peperminty and a faint hint of lavender. Perfect after a long stressful day :)
11/5/11 12:30pm
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LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! I know this sounds like a strange combination of scents...but trust works PERFECTLY with each other! This & Chai Tea are in my Top 5 scents! This is such a relaxing scent & I absolutely LOVE it!!!