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Birds of Paradise
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: The intoxicating smell of strawberries and cream along with other added goodies will make you get a sweet tooth if you don't have one already!
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5/23/13 6:26am
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Me and my daughter love this scent ...I ordered a scent shot I did let it sit for a month and a half and it filled my home not just where I was melting it but down the hall and the last bedroom
8/30/12 3:57pm
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This was nice the strawberries and cream is all i got from it.This would make a good mixer.Not very strong but a pretty fragrance.
5/5/12 12:25pm
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I wish this had a stronger throw, but this is a really nice soft scent. The strawberries and cream blend together so nicely, and it's a very realistic smell of both.
5/2/12 5:30pm
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I wanted to like this one so much, but the cream note that's in this is the same cream note which is in Million Dollar Baby. I'm not a fan. But, I do have to say that the strawberry is the most realistic I've smelled of Victoria's thus far.
4/24/12 3:10pm
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This is very light, but is a great mixer.
3/20/12 2:25pm
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It smells good but very light on the fragrance. I smell a bit too much wax which I think makes it smell a bit artificial, but I LOVE the color it's a creamy nudish muted pink ... very pretty.
3/2/12 8:59am
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Not like i was hoping for to light and airy yes it smells like the scent but a lighter version