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Strawberry Lemonade
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Yummy.... Lemon Strawberry Shortcake!!
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Comments for Strawberry Lemonade

5/23/13 11:22pm
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Doesn't smell very real to me, for some reason it was a bakery not in my SS of it. I didn't like it sadly.
9/8/12 12:46am
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This is an awesome candle. Mine totally smelled like strawberry and lemonade. The throw was really strong and mine didn't have ANY spices smells at all. This is def a reorder for me!
8/25/12 11:14am
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This is a nice mix of strawberry and lemon. The strawberry is a realistic scent - not artificial.
I feel like I get some sort of cream note as well.
7/23/12 6:12pm
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Not quite a strawberry lemonade scent. I get more of a fresh picked strawberry mixed with a lemon zest. It is almost spicy. I unique scent.
5/25/12 12:09am
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This is bit strong in scent shot form but most are....very tart...But im in love :)
2/27/12 12:34pm
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I received this a few orders ago as my free scent shot. Finally melted it last night.. I'm not really a fan, simple as that. The throw wasn't the greatest and I only smelled a little hint of strawberry and no lemon. Maybe I let it sit for too long? I dunno.