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Strawberry Jam
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: A smooth, sweet strawberry, enhanced with delectable sugar, gently warmed to perfection. Strap me with a bib and bring me a jelly spoon, I'm digging in!
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7/23/12 6:09pm
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Really nice. Sweet and fruity. I like it better than fresh picked strawberry. I wish this was the scent in those cute strawberry tarts :[
3/29/12 3:13am
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On cold throw it smells just like strawberry jam. burned it smelled like strawberry chapstick. No bueno.
3/13/12 10:27pm
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I AM IN LOVE. When it's on cold throw, it smells a little artificial but still very sweet. When it's warm, it smells EXACTLY like strawberry jam. AMAZING.