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Strawberry Danish
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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8 rating(s) / 13 favorite(s)
Description: Strawberry Crunch, Country Cornbread... omg yummy!
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6/27/12 12:04am
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It smells like a bakery strawberry with a nice buttery crust it's soooo good.(Strong throw)
3/28/12 9:28pm
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was not a fan of this. it makes my stomach hurt. the "danish" part is too salty or something.
2/28/12 10:33pm
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One of my favorite strawberry CBV scents.
12/17/11 11:24pm
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Yet another fruity bakery combination of Victoria's that I love! Rich strawberries, much like heated strawberry jam, combined with a buttery crust that's just heaven!
9/30/11 8:34pm
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Smells like Crunch Berries cereal to me! Yummy.