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St. Lucia
Category: Tropical Fragrances
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Description: Honeydew Melon With Marshmallow Ambrosia and Nectarine
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5/23/13 11:20pm
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Smells a lot like Tiffany-D to me, I think it's the melon in it.
5/26/12 2:54am
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this is a really well balanced scent. The first thing I smell with this candle is honeydew and then comes the creamy note from the marshmallow ambrosia. I do not get the nectarine note but it may be very faint. i love this scent !
5/14/12 3:45am
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Doesn't hold a candle to Tiffany-D for me. I am also not a fan of the Marshmallow ambrosia.
3/28/12 9:56pm
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this does not smell like tiffany d. tiffany d was like watermelon bubblegum and cotton candy to me.
st lucia, however, is a GORGEOUS blend of the nectarine and marshmallow ambrosia, which almost smells like a different cotton candy than in tiffany d. it is fruity and light and very sweet. i think they are 2 totally different scents. my boyfriend loves this and i ordered a 9oz candle to keep in our bedroom, but i think it will quickly be replaced by a glitter cube candle!!
1/20/12 8:16pm
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This one is very nice. It smells a lot like Tiffany-D to me, but without the cotton candy element. I have purchased this in a 16 oz candle and also in heart tarts. A great spring and summer scent. Moderate scent throw.