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Best Friends
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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23 rating(s) / 33 favorite(s)
Description: A wonderful aromatic blend of boysenberries, elderberries, strawberries, guava and pomegranate with a down of soft vanilla.
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9/3/12 1:26am
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This one has a kind of odd powdery note that doesn't sit well with my nose for some reason, I prefer Love Potion No. 9 which I find quite similar but without that note :)
8/26/12 3:39pm
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OH MY I AM IN LOVE!!!This is soooo good you get all of the berries and a sweet vanilla mixed in.This is a favorite for sure.I love the blueberry cobber but this kicked blueberry cobbers butt.This is the best scent so far in my book sooooooo good!!!Very strong throw
7/2/12 2:06pm
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Smells like skittles! A lot of people like it, but this one just doesn't stand out to me. Definitely one to try though.
3/2/12 8:57am
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This is a very pretty scent of berries & vanilla that everyone that i know that has ever smelled it liked it so its a crowd pleaser
2/28/12 8:38pm
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I traded this one, and then got it again in another swap. Second time around, I like it in SS form. Its like a sweetness you would get in a bakery scent, but the combo makes it unbakery, if that makes sense.
2/26/12 3:28pm
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I really like this scent; very sweet and juicy. Does smell like Skittles and berries with a hint of vanilla. I love it!
2/11/12 10:17am
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It does smell great. But to be honest I was a little (just a little) disappointed with this scent. I agree with Uncrystal. yet...I havent burned it yet.
1/27/12 5:52am
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Gorgeous berries and cream scent. I also detect a touch of Pink sugar but it could just be the vanilla. It's a gorgeous scent with a great throw even in an 8oz jelly jar. This is a big candle scent for me
1/22/12 1:01am
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I just read furrkitten 's comment about best friends smelling like Stawberry Shortcake's berry friend and I totally get that! ha This is a sweet and pleasant scent, I can't see anyone disliking it. I think this is the kind of "safe" scent I would give as a gift to someone if I didn't know what kinds of scents they liked. It's simply all kinds of berries mixed with vanilla. Four stars.
1/20/12 6:56pm
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This is such a pretty scent of berries and vanilla. It's a complex berry scent; it doesn't smell fake and it's not too sweet. It's one of my favorites! Just lovely!! Med to strong throw.
1/17/12 7:28pm
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This scent is so good. It smells like berries and vanilla; almost like the way skittles taste. It's a really good girly scent. One of my favorites!
11/17/11 3:30pm
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This scent reminds me of a strawberry shortcake doll..maybe likeher berry friend lol. Its a soft berry vanilla sweetness that is moderate to strong this
9/28/11 8:11am
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Likable fruity floral combination with a medium to strong throw.