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Snuggle Baby
Category: Fresh/Clean Fragrances
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Description: This scent is pure new baby...not a powder but not exactly a lotion either. One of the best baby scents we have ever smelled, you will love it!
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5/23/13 11:19pm
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Great scent, smells like brand new baby dolls. It's very calming and relaxing, would be awesome as a baby shower gift!
5/16/12 8:34am
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A strong scent with a huge throw. For me it's heavy on the baby powder.
12/15/11 12:49am
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STRONG baby powder scent. Reminds me of Johnson and Johnson baby lotion! Not a fan of clean scents though.
11/3/11 3:29pm
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this is extremly strong. smells good and i like it...exactly like baby powder but granted i only have a 4 oz i sometimes need to blow it out because it is so potent.