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Snowdrift Berries
Category: Christmas Fragrances
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Description: Uniquely different and absolutely incredible holiday scent that has become a year round favorite! Top notes of semi-sweet berries mixed with undertones of balsam pine.
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11/15/12 6:05am
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Another favorite of mine =). I didn't smell ANY minty smell (minty smells are not for my nose). All I smell is berries and just a tiny hint of pine. It's a must have and if you like CBV berry scents, you will love love love this scent.
4/16/12 3:48pm
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This is like no scent I have ever tried before. You smell the creamed tart berries with an amazing crisp balsam pine that will tingle your nose due to the fresh air of the forest your nose is now in. The crisp balsam can be confused as mint. But, I see where Victoria was going with this scent & it brings me there. It is truly a gem. PERFECT to warm when you have a head cold, sick, flu or sinus infection. this will open your nose & feels of fresh air. Everyone must try this!
11/26/11 2:41pm
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gillybird15, I totally understand what you're talking about. I compared my sdb candle to my new ss and they smell totally different. I wonder if she changed the formula?
11/17/11 2:54pm
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This also has some sort of mint scent to it, which I don't like. The berry was really nice, but I couldn't get over the mint.