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Simply Delicious
Category: House Blends
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Description: This scent was inspired by Kim our good friend and a member of our message board.. Kim asked me to create this scent for her and I was more then happy to oblige! Pears and Vanilla with a touch rich cream and butter and a hint of brown sugar. Yummy!
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9/28/12 8:53am
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This is a super yummy scent. i never would have guessed it had pear mixed in with the scent. This candle would be great all year around...just a very nice, warm and cozy scent. This scent does need plenty of cure time :-)
1/23/12 10:14pm
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Yumm! Reminds me of "Spiced Pear" with a lot more creaminess to it!
1/20/12 8:13pm
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VERY NICEe bakery scent. It's definitely a fall scent for me. If you're looking for something a little different, give it a try. It's got a fairly moderate scent throw, so it's perfect for the kitchen or maybe the living room.