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Sexy In Stilettos
Category: House Blends
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Description: If you don't know Lanaindana from YouTube you have no idea what you are missing. Sexy In Stilettos was inspired by my good friend and one sweet and genuine lady. Lana "IS" sexy in her Stilettos and we know you will agree that this is one sexy scent!! Created with Lana's favorite scents in mind, a touch of sweetness and oriental musk make this a must have scent for the summer!! Colored red after the soles of Lana's favorite shoes this candle is sure to delight!!
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Comments for Sexy In Stilettos

11/17/13 5:49pm
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This was my very first free scent shot in my first order ever and I've never NOT repurchased it! Everyone always loves this scent so the whole house smells like this most of the time! I have this in the B&B lotion and love it just as much! It really is a sexy scent and I just can never get enough of it!
1/15/13 9:48pm
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This is a really popular scent but I'm not a fan. Reminds me of VS body lotions.
8/16/12 11:17am
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This a great smelling candle! Cant explain what scents I smell, it's just a nice relaxing Sexy scent...definitely a happy scent =). If you haven't tried it, you're really missing out on a SUPER GREAT scent!!!!!
7/5/12 11:51pm
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Def one of my favorites !
7/3/12 4:15pm
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LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Reminds me of Lovespell from Victoria's Secret. Crowd pleaser!
5/7/12 1:47pm
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Beautiful fragrance! Sweet and perfumey without being overwhelming. Love it!
4/22/12 12:13pm
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This is a great scent.. unfortunately it isn't strong enough to fill a big open living room/kitchen area. :(
4/1/12 10:23pm
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my fiance loves this one!!
3/17/12 5:41am
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I AM IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! SO fruity, perfumey, sexy and feminine
3/6/12 10:20pm
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Smells great, pink sugar, love spell and a bit of vanilla. Great throw too.
2/28/12 10:28pm
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Sweet and I almost get a slight red fruit juicyness. I really enjoy this scent.
2/11/12 10:13am
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I like the scent, it was the strength of the scent that was dissapointed in. I couldnt smell it unless i had my nose over it.
2/4/12 10:58am
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I'm not sure how I feel about this scent. It's very girly, light, and perfumy overall. I would say that it's not what I expected, but it's not bad either. Very unique scent.
2/3/12 8:59pm
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This scent is wonderful..its one of my tops scents just a wonderful girly scent
2/3/12 5:33pm
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This is an amazing scent!! It's kind of indescribable, but it's definitely a must try.
1/16/12 10:23am
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I really enjoy this one! I can't pinpoint the fragrances but I'm pretty sure there's Pink Sugar in there somewhere. It's a very feminine perfume-type scent but isn't overpowering.