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Scrumptious Scoops
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: The name Leah Brewer came up with for our combination of Chocolate Fudge blended with Vanilla, Bananas and Cherries.
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12/19/12 9:20am
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This is a super yummy fun scent. The throw is amazing. Can't really describe the scent other then it smells so yummy. I did not get an almond scent at all in my candle. If your even considering this fragrance, you need to buy won't be disappointed at all =). Definitely a keeper!
12/16/11 11:10pm
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REALLY sweet! I don't get all of the notes in the description, I almost get that almond cherry note. If you were to have a Luden's cough drop, this is what it smells like! I am addicted to those!