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Pumpkin Pralines
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Creamy rich pumpkin with a hit of spice mixed with our amazing Caramelized Pralines and a hint of caramel to round out this amazing fragrance.
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6/26/12 10:43pm
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I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE!!! I love this one more then the caramelized pralines it's AMAZING!!! this one is more creamy to me and you get that rich pumpkin note i don't get much spice in this one just creamy pumpkin caramel nutty goodness it's soooo good!!!! This is my favorite pumpkin scent by far.
6/3/12 9:23am
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Ive purchased this in scoop some scents it has a great throw but is a really buttery pumpkin scent I like a little spice to my pumpkin so this just wasnt the right scent for me.
1/20/12 7:59pm
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Really like this one. Pumpkin and caramel goodness, with a little bit of spice. It's quite creamy. I burned this on Thanksgiving and it got rave reviews. Moderate to strong scent throw.....