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Pumpkin Pickin
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: A french vanilla cream pudding slightly caramelized with hints of pumpkin spices.
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3/21/12 7:18pm
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Delicious, creamy, sweet pumpkin smell with light spices. If you like pumpkin without the pumpkin pie scent you should try this one. I have this in a tart and it's just yummy.
2/28/12 10:22pm
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Again, not enough pumpkin. Too much cinnamon.
1/20/12 7:56pm
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I found this one to be quite pumpkiny. Smelled just like pumpkin pie. Moderate to strong scent throw. Strongest scent throw is in tart or scent shot form.
11/18/11 2:35pm
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I get all the notes in this one, I didn't find it very spicy at all when I warmed it. Just a nice, very light, craft-store scent. I like this one.
9/27/11 11:13pm
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When I warm this, all I get is red hot cinnamon... burns my nose!