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Pumpkin Cheesecake
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: The perfect blend of spicy pumpkin and sweet cheesecake.
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2/28/12 10:20pm
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Needs alot more pumpkin. Too much sweet and vanilla.
1/20/12 7:54pm
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I Love this one. It is spicy but pumpkiny and sweet too. Very nice. Med to Strong scent throw...
12/15/11 12:11am
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I would really like this, but unfortunately the cinnamon scent in it is a "red hot" cinnamon and I'm not a fan! Pumpkin Pralines is still my favorite pumpkin scent!
11/1/11 9:39am
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Why shouldn't my favorite holiday dessert be one of my favorite holiday candles from Victoria? My fave pumpkin scent from her, because it offers that pumpkin smell with a bit of sweet, which I love.