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Poisoned Apple
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: This wickedly delicious scent is a fusion of tart green apples, brown sugar and bergamot, laced with licorice and vanilla bourbon.
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2/24/13 3:41pm
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Really nice apple scent. Well rounded and the licorice just gives it a little kick and depth. It seems more like red apple to us. Another nice apple scent!
7/29/12 6:24pm
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I don't like licorice but this fragrance is so well blended you don't smell any individual scents. It is like a apple shampoo or body splash to me.
6/26/12 11:27pm
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I don't get perfume,soap or shampoo out of this scent at all. it's a very deep juicy sweet apple mixed so well with licorice and that vanilla bourbon.the licorice adds just a touch of spice.(Strong throw)
4/18/12 7:07am
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Definitely a repurchase for me. It is just delicious. If this is what a poisoned apple smells like send me the evil queen now!!!
3/20/12 8:40pm
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I have this in the mini candle and I love it. Mostly I get sweet and tart apple peel but there is a sweet spice scent too. It's not a bakery apple scent but almost edible, with a slight perfume note that I think comes from the bergamot. The throw is great and I gave it 5 stars. It's a nicely balanced scent.
2/28/12 10:18pm
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A clean apple soap.
1/23/12 5:19am
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This is a green apple and spicy scent with a kick, I think that kick is the licorice. On cold throw the licorice scent came off very shampoo-y to me, but when I melted it the true licorice appeared. I do get a sugary note, but no bergamot or vanilla. Overall, I really like this. Four stars.
11/3/11 9:06pm
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Apples peels with a light spice scent. I didn't think I would like this one at first but it's definitely a repurchase!