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Plantation Breeze
Category: Floral Fragrances
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Description: Name that scent contest winner Marie Germano named this wonderful combination of Cotton Blossom and Honeysuckle. Great name great scent!!
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5/24/13 12:59pm
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I have a small living room, so this filled it up quickly, but I only had to use 1/4 of a scent shot. I wold order this again. I do get more of a Cotton Blossom scent with this, but I don't mind.
5/16/12 1:04am
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The Cotton Blossom scent is very strong in this, I don't smell honeysuckle at all. On a cold throw it's extremely strong and I think a bit overwhelming.
3/20/12 8:45pm
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I have this in a scent shot. The honeysuckle deepens the floaty cotton blossom scent so I like the combination, but I feel like Victoria has more special scents. this didn't throw too well when warmed in my small living room. 3 stars for light, but pleasant throw.