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Pink Sugar
Category: Perfume/Cologne Fragrances
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Description: An Aquolina dupe, fruity concoction of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musk.
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9/15/12 12:08am
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This is just a super yummy candle..I had to buy four because it smells so good and I need to,give them plenty of cure time...if you're even thinking about buying this one, but it, you will not be will be coming back for more =)
7/3/12 4:10pm
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I definitely get the lemon and cotton candy. Very sweet, very good!
6/27/12 3:38am
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Smells amazing i love this perfume and it is a dead on dupe sweet and strong.Great bedroom/bathroom scent.
5/7/12 1:50pm
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Love this scent for my room! Smells sweet and almost a little bit like marshmallows :)
4/2/12 2:06am
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Amazing spot-on dupe! It filled my entire house & I only used 1/6th a scent shot in my bedroom. STRONG! Holy cop & GREAT mixer!
2/3/12 9:08pm
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What can i say thats not already been said this is an amazing scent its better than the perfuem in my opinion...and it has a wonderful throw in the scoop some scents
1/27/12 6:13am
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This is a DEAD ON Dupe. I love this. I will always keep this scent around. It's one of my favorite perfumes and now one of my favorite candle scents
1/20/12 7:48pm
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Smells just like the lovely. Medium scent throw makes sure it doesn't overpower you with perfume scent. Just really nice. I give this one as gifts and it's always enjoyed!!
11/11/11 7:11pm
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I LOVE this!! It smells exactly like the perfume but in Victoria's i can smell the lemon thats in the despcription which I don't get in the actual perfume. It's reaalllyyy good yum! :)