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Pink Bubblegum Crush
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: Close your eyes and remember the taste of a blue bubblegum snow cone? We "taste" this in our Pink Bubblegum Crush each time we smell this delicious fragrance! Seriously do not try to drizzle this over your own cup of crushed ice. This is a fun delicious concoction of sweet sugary goodness, a sticky good treat!
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6/27/12 2:29am
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Sweet sticky strong bubblegum is what i get out of this one.very good
3/29/12 4:02am
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It's Spot on for what it is supposed to be duping. I like the scent a lot but probably will only purchase every so often because it is VERY sweet and heavy and I can only take it in small doses just like the original product 4 stars