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Pink & Lime
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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9 rating(s) / 10 favorite(s)
Description: Pink Sugar and lime... perfect blend.. so sweet and yummy!
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7/14/13 2:50pm
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A great sweetened lime scent. I am not usually one for lime scents but I love this. My daughter has the body spray and it is awesome!
9/6/12 8:12pm
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My scent shot was not strong so i didn't get much out of the scent very light sweet lime scent.
8/22/12 5:07pm
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Was disappointed with this one. Smells similar to other scents with Pink Sugar, which I tend not to get too excited about. But I don't get the hype about this one. Not bad but not my favorite.
7/3/12 4:11pm
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3/29/12 2:56am
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The 5 rating is because it smells and throws amazing... Just because I can't handle it doesn't mean it doesn't deserve the rating it deserves.
3/29/12 2:55am
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I loved this scent. It's an amazing combo. Sweet Pink Sugar fragrance meets tart lime to make something even more delicious. Unfortunately for me It gives me migraines no matter how small the piece I melt is. So I can't use this.