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Pina Colada
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: A sweet coconut fragrance that takes you right to paradise.
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Comments for Pina Colada

8/27/12 5:24pm
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very authentic smelling pina colada i like to melt this in my bedroom and bathroom. Great scent throw too
8/25/12 2:52am
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Great throw and just an awesome scent. Definitely a keeper! This a scent I will be burning all year around! If you haven't tried's a must to will not be disappointed =)
5/16/12 8:47am
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I like this, it smells just like pina colada and is a perfect summer scent.
1/20/12 7:43pm
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I think this is a very authentic smelling pina colada. Very summery! Great scent throw.
1/11/12 8:55am
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This was not a very strong scent on the cold sniff, but was much stronger and better when heated.