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Peppermint Bark
Category: Christmas Fragrances
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Description: A Christmas time favorite but really great anytime of year. Bits of refreshing peppermint weaved inside rich and creamy white chocolate.
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2/28/12 10:16pm
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I tried a few different blends, but don't like chocolate in candles.
1/23/12 9:45pm
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Chocolatey peppermint! Reminds me of "Sweet Snow" and "Winter Snowflake" but with chocolate! As if Sweet Snow and Fudge Brownie had a baby!
1/20/12 7:42pm
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I love peppermint bark to eat but I didn't love this one to melt or burn. Sorry...
1/9/12 11:38am
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If you are a peppermint loving person, get this scent without delay. That having been said, I'm not a mint lover - so for that reason (and that reason only) it's not something that I'd want to burn. However, this is a wonderful, creamy blend that is equal parts chocolate and peppermint - very well done!
11/1/11 12:09pm
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warmer only, not candle