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Description: This musky floral opens with citrus highlights of fresh lemon and sweet orange. Green herbaceous tones mingle with the fresh fantasy floral accord at the heart of this fragrance as warm earthy notes accent and add texture. The base note is complex of rich musk sweetened with hints of vanilla.
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4/9/13 10:33am
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This is one of my favorite scents of all time! I have never tried the product it is duping. Just enough citrus but is balanced out with the earthy/masculine notes so that it does not make me think of cleaner. So nice and relaxing!
1/15/13 9:46pm
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My favorite dupe of the original scent. Smells herbal and citrus-y to me. Definite repurchase.
12/19/12 9:27am
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Love love love this scent. The only reason I tried it was because all the great reviews on FB...and now I'm REALLY happy I bought it..just wish I would have bought it sooner =)
9/9/12 12:55am
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My #1 all-season scent! Love it!!
4/29/12 10:35pm
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I can't remember what the original is supposed to smell like, but i LOVE this dupe! A really great musky men's cologne type scent!
3/29/12 1:05am
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I love what this is supposed to be duping but I have to say while it's close it's not spot on. I get less citrus from this and more earthiness. I don't hate this version but I am not as fond of it as the original. I probably won't reorder 6 of 10.
3/20/12 11:04pm
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I like it, yet not what I expected. For how floral it is, it still smells a little clean to me
3/20/12 8:05pm
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This is a gorgeous scent! It's better than the L*** original. It's less "heady" than the original. The herbal, earthy notes are really well balanced with the sweet, perfumey notes. It's really lovely and worth all the hype. It's a wonderful unisex scent-- I can see it being a favorite for men as well.
3/2/12 9:40am
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this is pretty good nice sweet and herbal
2/28/12 10:12pm
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Musky, Light Clean. Love it. Mixed with Bath Time with Pooh for a sweeter version. It is great.
2/26/12 2:31pm
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Not much citrus from this one, more floral/musky. Very light and delicate, so it's not overpowering. Unique.
11/1/11 6:26pm
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I get citrus, incense, and a sweet base. It's lovely and unique.