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Marshmallow Ambrosia
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: A wonderful combination of marshmallows and fruit.. this is a yummy scent!
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Comments for Marshmallow Ambrosia

11/17/13 5:58pm
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Okay so this hands down smells like play-doh! I'm not complaining at all, I LOVE this scent, it's one of my favorites! Smells so yummy cold or melted, and I don't find that the scent changes when cold to melted either! Great scent will be repurchasing many times from now on!
6/29/12 5:05am
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Ooooooh so good smells just like marshmallows to me it is sweet creamy and powdery.I don't get any fruit tho.(I got a strong throw)
5/16/12 12:54am
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Sweet but not overpowering, would be good for mixing
12/18/11 10:19pm
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Light fragrance! Excited to use this as a mixer to tone down some of my other favorites!
11/20/11 7:08pm
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On cold throw, this smells like play dough to me. Have not yet melted it.