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Macintosh Apple
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Fresh, wonderful, juicy real Macintosh Apple scent. For those of you that love straight apple without the spice this is it!
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3/29/12 3:53am
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This is an amazing clean, fresh crisp apple fragrance with amazing throw and longevity. I love apple but hate spice so this is perfection for me... scoop some scents here we come 5 stars!!!
3/6/12 10:26pm
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The is my favorite of all her apple scents. Smells like an apple blossom to me a bit with crisp red apples. Let it cure for the best applely scent.
2/28/12 9:55pm
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Fresh. Clean. Great!
11/4/11 12:41am
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This is such an AMAZING apple scent. It smells like a fresh-picked apple that has just been cut open. No spice at all and no bakery-like scent. Just straight up juicy AMAZING apple. LOVE it!