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Lime Crystal Kisses
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Fresh Lime infused with sweet, sparkling sugar crystals gently kissed by lemons. INCREDIBLE!
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10/6/12 3:13pm
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This scent is pretty good, but not what I was expecting. I still like coco lime verbena better, but this is a really clean, sharp lime. Kind of like how lemon pound cake is more of a clean lemon vs. bakery lemon.
8/31/12 10:15pm
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Very strong fresh lime with a touch of sugar.This was a very nice clean type of scent.It would be a great scent to melt when you are cleaning.If you are looking for a real lime scent this one is for you.
8/26/12 9:14pm
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This is a pretty light scent IMO, and this is from using a scent shot. I am not a big fan of lemon/lime scents but this one is ok for me due to the lightness of it and the touch of sweetness from the sugar.
1/27/12 6:05am
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A very STRONG sweet lime scent with loads of sugar and you can smell that touch of lemon. I really liked this one
1/20/12 7:16pm
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Very strong scent of lime and sugar. VERY Sweet! It's really good and I love it for summer!
11/5/11 11:54am
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I love this scent for the summer. It's like you take a fresh lime, cut it and roll it around in a bunch of sugar. Really yummy and oh so refreshing!