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Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Straight, wonderful, yummy banana. This scent is outstanding and one that you will keep you coming back for more.
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7/22/12 7:05pm
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I love this scent cold. It smells like banana rungs and I wanted to love it cold because my boyfriend lIves bananas but warm it has such a small throw I couldn't even smell it. Whomp whomp.
7/4/12 9:12pm
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Candy banana scent like many have been saying. It's nice and a good mixer to tone down citrus or tart berry scents.
5/25/12 12:06am
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It does kinda smell like runts or a really ripe banana...
4/24/12 2:58pm
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This smells like banana laffy taffy or runts. It a really great sweet banana.
3/29/12 8:45pm
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Super yummy banana. It's hard to find a good banana scent. This one is good! A great mixer!!! I'm happy.