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Lavender Apple
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Lavender and Macintosh Apple... the pairing seems odd but it is such a pretty combination.
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Comments for Lavender Apple

5/16/12 8:55am
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This is a great fragrance. The apple balances out the lavender perfectly.
3/2/12 12:45pm
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nice blend...very relaxing lavender and subtle apple..nice!
2/28/12 9:50pm
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Really nice blend. I get more apple, but the combo is divine!
12/18/11 10:53pm
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A really yummy lavender scent! I had't tried a lavender scent in CBV before, but this one is great. Mixed with my favorite scent, apples! Try this one if you haven't already!
11/2/11 2:32pm
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this is a great spa like scent. i can smell equal amounts of both.
11/1/11 10:12am
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Perfect lavender scent! Don't smell too much apple. Great for a bathroom!