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Baked Apple Strudel
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: For all you Apple Strudel lovers out there this scent will have you begging for more. Lots of bakery apple with cinnamon and buttery top notes this is one of my new favorites, you won't be sorry you tried this one!!
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Comments for Baked Apple Strudel

7/15/12 8:14pm
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This amazing. Authentic, spicy with a crisp baked apple scent. This is a great fall scent.
3/28/12 9:48pm
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this is very strong on cold throw. it smells to me exactly like BBW's LEAVES - which a perfect apple cider-y scent with a little something extra.
12/4/11 3:43pm
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I love the scent, but it wasn't strong enough for me. I may have to melt 1/2 a scent shot next time.
11/5/11 10:51am
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While I really LOVE Victoria's apple scents for my nose this had too much cinnamon in it and not enough of the apple for me.
11/1/11 10:41am
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I had to rate this one a "NFMN" (Not For My Nose) because of the apple scent being headache inducing (for me). But, if you are an apple loving person - this one will be a fav!
9/29/11 8:57pm
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I love bakery scents & this one does not disappoint! Perfect blend of baked apples, cinnamon and crumbly goodness!