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Jelly Donut
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: A strawberry Jelly filled donut is what you can expect from this YUMMY fragrance!
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12/9/12 10:44pm
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cidesign, I usually notice that the difference between the SS form and the candle form is strength of the scent. If I like a scent but it is too strong in a scent shot, I might light it better in a candle. This is one of those. I really like the mix of the sweet but tart strawberry and the doughy/salty scent of the doughnut!
2/28/12 9:47pm
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SS form is much better than candle for me in this scent. Is anyone else having this issue with scent shot versus candle form? If I like the scent in candle form, I always like the scent shot version. But if I like a scent in scent shot form, sometimes I do not like the candle form. Must be the fire/wick that changes it so much for me.
1/22/12 5:33am
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I liked this on cold throw. The strawberry jam scent is very nice. Unfortunately, after I warmed it the bakery note came out and I don't like it. Two stars.